About Us

What we do

We use a person centered approach that helps define what is important to the individual as well as what may be important for the individual. Among these are those with a diagnosis of Brain Injury, Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Problems. Coupled with direct support care, we also work with persons who need less demanding care and yet still need help with varied skill building. People get inspired, enhanced, and relish life more when they are involved as an active participant in their lives.

Why we do it

Guardian Healthcare Services, is keen to offer a healthy atmosphere and empower individuals to embrace the idea, that they can recover and lead more autonomous lives in the community. All this is done through the community in a Rehabilitative Team Approach for individual recovery. The objective is to offer individuals with disabilities the prospect to cultivate the skills, attitudes, and awareness to flourish. It is inherent in all of us to function as an autonomous person. We support people to be associated with others, model strong relations, real communication skills and stimulate individuality to develop skills and nurture progress.

Who we serve

Guardian Healthcare Services has an initial footprint in the greater Twin Cities. A person seeking our services needs to qualify for Medical Assistance and be on a CADI, BI, DD waivers. Additionally those who have a diagnosis of Brain Injury, Mental Illness and/or Substance Abuse as well. We cultivate plans with the individual, their family, and their professional team as a basis for service.

How long we've been doing it

The owner has a combined professional 8 -14 years in the Direct Support and Healthcare professional field. Additionally the owner has 6 years in Program Coordination, managing home and community based provider related services as well as a background in Human Resources Management. Majority of the owner’s working experience has been around children and adults with Autism, Brain Injuries, Mental Health symptoms, and co-occurring Substance Abuse issues.